Monday, October 19, 2009

What is Embedded SQL?

Embedded SQL is one of main feature in Powerbuilder. It's make possible to programmer to write the SQL Statement directly without declare in a variable.

Unlike the other programming language, In Powerbuilder you can write the SQL statement in script painter. It make more faster and more efficient for programmer, because the Powerbuilder compiler execute directly the statement and tell the programmer if they have a wrong SQL syntax.

The features supported when you use embedded SQL depend on the DBMS to which your application connects.

Since I've experiences in Ms. SQL Server for the database, I will show you an example with Ms. SQL Server SQL Statement. When you use the SQL Server database interface, you can embed the following types of SQL statements in scripts and user-defined functions:
  • Transaction management statements
  • Non-cursor statements
  • Cursor statements
  • Database stored procedures

See the picture for the example:


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