Thursday, October 15, 2009

[Application] How to use NET SEND in Powerbuilder

In Windows 2000 and XP, there is a command to send a message popup directly to other computers in network. Many of you, must know the command is NET SEND. In Vista, Microsoft remove this command.

Since I need this function in my office application, so in year 2003 I created a simple application to able user to send the message without type the command in DOS Command Prompt mode. I build this application with Sybase Powerbuilder version 6.5, and you can download here. Users don't need to open and close every time they want to use the application, since they able to minimize to tray icon when they click hide button. (See the smiley yellow icon in systray area, double click to open)

Since I made in my mother language, here's the translation of the menu / word:
Ka saha: Name of the computer (Must EXACT)
Nulis naon: Message
Leungitkeun tulisan: Delete the message after sent
Sok atuh: Send
Permios: Close
Keheula: Wait for sending...
Aya naon tuh, teu bisa euy: There's a problem during send the message
Teu bisa, kunaon nya: Cannot send the message
Enggeus tuh: Message Sent

One thing you must check, that the Messenger service must be started, to able the application send smoothly. To do this, Open Control Panel, the double click Administrative Tools Icon, the select Services. Make sure MESSENGER service is STARTED.

Application Name: U U Linan
Version: 2.0
PBL Name: REDAlert.PBL
PBL Version: 6.5


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